A Personal Commission

Champagne Enamelled Egg

Translucent champagne enamel glazes the delicate engine-turned patterns underneath, so changing lights give a fluid shimmer with an iridescent quality to the complete piece. Set with hand-crafted floral ornaments in gold, suspended in the enamel and framed with pearl-set beading throughout the framework. The egg’s secret is revealed as a set of concertina miniature diamond-set photo frames, making a unique piece truly personal.

This egg is reminiscent of the treasured gifts commissioned by Russian Tsars. These extravagant pieces were made by the famous court jeweller to showcase technique and opulence; each entirely unique and with a different surprise, sometimes not even know to the Tsar until it was finished. Designed to spark intrigue and conversation, they would be termed ‘Objet d’art’ along with other high quality, three dimensional items, being created for enjoyment as art. 

Further Objet D'Art in our collection

Serpent egg

A surprise celebration of time

Creating bespoke handmade pieces of Objets d’art has been award winning for David McCarty and the team. David has won not only the Goldsmith’s award for one gold egg, but 5 Cartier awards, including the prestigious Jacques Cartier Memorial Award for his ‘Serpent Egg’ which took 2,200 hours to make, incorporated 600 diamonds, coloured golds and enamel. The serpent’s head and tongue point to the hour which is indicated in Roman numerals on a white band that runs around the egg near the top. This band rotates within the egg to indicate the time, rather than the serpent rotating around the egg.

Sapphire and Carriage egg

An icon of cinema

A stunning silver, gold plated Egg commissioned for use in the 1983 James Bond film ‘Octopussy’. This beautiful enamel egg is set with diamonds and blue sapphires, and is in the style of the Imperial Coronation Egg, which Fabergé gifted to Tsar Nicholas II in 1897. The exterior is enamelled and then wrapped in hand-pierced gold trellis work, with carved leaf patterns and stones set at each crossing. Opening the egg reveals a hidden ‘secret’ – the surprise of a beautiful miniature gold carriage. Four silver gilt prop eggs were also made for the scene.


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